Textos legales

Sustainability policy of Hotel Casablanca

The CASABLANCA Hotel, located in the cooperation zone of the Biosphere Reserve "SEA FLOWER", as a Lodging and Hosting Services Company seeks to be competitive in its economic Sector; Therefore, we are committed to the improvement of working conditions, health, and safety, preservation of the environment and its sustainable development at all levels of our organization; workers, contractors, suppliers and interested parties. Through the development of the safety and health management system at work and the environment.

The person assigned by the company to lead the development of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System and Sustainability, has the support of senior management, COPASST and workers in general, through their commitment to the activities of safety and health at work and the environment, commitment against the commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents (CSEC).

There is a firm commitment to comply with the Colombian Legislation on occupational safety and health and environmental sustainability established by the Ministry of Social Protection and the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of any other type that has been signed.

For the fulfillment of this Policy and the achievement of the proposed objectives of senior management, they will permanently guide their efforts and allocate the physical, economic and human talent resources required for the timely identification, assessment, and intervention of the hazards that may result in occupational accidents. , occupational diseases, emergencies, conservation of natural areas, protection of local flora and fauna, water management, energy management, sustainable product consumption, comprehensive waste management, control of visual, atmospheric and auditory pollution, participation in environmental programs, control of negative impacts on socio-cultural and economic aspects and the implementation of good practices to preserve the security of the organization.

Fauna and wild flora

At Hotel Casablanca we are committed to the environment and the laws that protect it.

Do not trade or traffic with wildlife species, as it is penalized by Law 17 of 1981 and by Ministerial Resolution No. 1367 of 2000

Cultural assets

San Andrés has a rich and diverse culture, help us preserve it!

Do not trade or traffic illegally with cultural property, since it is penalized using Law 103 of 1991 and its decree 904 of 1941, Law 397 of 1997 and its decree 833 of 2002, Law 1185 of 2008.

Smoke-free space

For the sake of your health, the spaces at the Hotel Casablanca are free of cigarette smoke or tobacco. Law 1335 of 2009 - Resolution 1956 of 2008

Child protection

The Hotel is committed and invites you to prevent and counteract exploitation, pornography, and sex tourism with minors. Law 679 of 2001

Law 1752 of June 2015

The Casablanca Hotel rejects all discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, political ideology, philosophy, sex or sexual orientation, disability or other reasons of discrimination, which are contemplated with criminal sanction by law 1752 of 2015.

Law 1185 of 2008

It seeks the integration of the Cultural Heritage of the Nation, constituted by all material goods, intangible manifestations, products and representations of culture that are an expression of Colombian nationality.