Flora and fauna

At Hotel Casablanca we are committed to the environment and the laws that protect it.
Do not market or traffic with wild fauna and flora species, as it is penalized by Law 17 of 1981 and by Ministerial Resolution No. 1367 of 2000

Cultural assets

San Andrés has a rich and diverse culture, help us to preserve it!
Do not market or traffic cultural goods illegally, as it is penalized by means of Law 103 of 1991 and its decree 904 of 1941, Law 397 of 1997 and its decree 833 of 2002, Law 1185 of 2008.

Smoke free space

For the sake of your health, the spaces in the Hotel Casablanca are free of cigarette smoke or tobacco smoke. Law 1335 of 2009 - Resolution 1956 of 2008

Protection of minors

The hotel is committed and invites you to prevent and counteract exploitation, pornography, and sex tourism with minors. Law 679 of 2001